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Embracing Your Triggers 12-week Workshop

Currently enrolling –  begins June 25th, 2019!

Have you ever had the experience where a look, a word, a scent, a vibe – or pretty much anything, for seemingly no reason, triggers a strong emotional response and you are left scrambling to compose yourself? There’s a reason we have these experiences and unless you’re ok with rattled nerves or want to engage in avoidance for the rest of your life, then I’d love the opportunity to show you a way to embrace and work through these trying scenarios so you no longer feel ruled by them.

In this 12 Week Workshop, you can learn ways in which you may begin to observe all the parts of you that get activated, and do this in a caring, gentle manner that nurtures healing.

Here you will engage with:

• Creativity • Mindful Meditation • Spirituality

• Somatic Awareness • Guided Imagery • Art Making

To help cultivate:

• Openness • Acceptance • Flexibility • Greater Sense of Freedom • Playfulness 

• An ability to refrain from impulsive reactions towards self and others.

*Please note: This workshop requires an in-person intake

to support cohesiveness for the group. 

$540 – Tuesday mornings from 10:30 am – Noon in Germantown.

Limited to 8 members.

To schedule an intake session please complete the form below

or call 215-459-4915.

*form is secure for HIPPA compliance. 

Sense of Belonging. I can’t say enough good things about the benefits of group therapy. While it’s true that you do get a lot of personal attention when working 1:1 with a therapist, group therapy opens the door to a whole new world.

For one, the very nature of a therapy group is about gathering like-minded people who struggle with similar issues. So right off the bat, your chances to connect with people of your tribe have greatly increased. When a cohesive group is formed, it’s like you’ve found a second family; it’s where you come to a deeper understanding of relationships with self and others. In groups you are given the opportunity to help others while also discovering that you are not alone. When you’re ready, you begin to open up and express emotions in a safe, genuine, meaningful way, finding relief from what’s been built up and kept inside for perhaps too long. And in my opinion, there’s no better way to do this than through art making where one image can mean many things, where you can access parts of yourself that may have been forgotten, where the group can help you reflect and point the way to healing, growth and change. If it still sounds a little scary, I promise to help you along in the process. It may just be the answer you’ve been looking for.

“Rachel made group a welcoming experience with her professionalism and respect to privacy. I felt comfortable disclosing my struggles in the group environment, with confidence that I would not be judged. The catharsis of creating art, and having a tangible representation of emotion is extremely healing. I would recommend Rachel’s group to anyone.” ~ Meagan

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