About Rachel

Thank you for taking the time to browse through my website. I am a board certified art therapist with additional training in mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). I received my master’s degree from Hahnemann’s Creative Arts in Therapy program through Drexel University in 2008. I specialize in working with women who experience depression, anxiety and eating disorders. Sometimes this means delving deeper into life challenges such as addiction, trauma, grief and loss. I currently run art therapy and MFG groups at the Renfrew Center where I help women with Eating Disorders find connection and genuine expression while they explore issues such as body image, perfectionism, control, communication and the continual need for support. 

Prior to grad school I had the opportunity to travel around the country and abroad – an invaluable experience that I believe helped me to gain a better appreciation and understanding of different cultures and lifestyles. My love of art and photography has been with me since I was a little girl and as an artist, I’ve always had the sense that the process of creating art in and of itself is therapeutic. By learning additional skills in therapy, I’ve been able to offer this sentiment to others on a deeper, more meaningful level. I believe that the creative process can extend to all aspects of life, where you can explore hidden strengths and discover a healthy path to your ideal self.