Open Art Groups

Open Art Groups – Saturdays. Sometimes you might want to work on your own stuff alone… but not entirely alone. And sometimes you might just need to touch base with others who may be more likely to understand what you’re going through. We begin each group with a check-in where you have the opportunity to share intentions – for art making, or life in general 🙂 and we follow up at the end with a discussion related to your creations. You can choose to contribute, or you can choose to sit and absorb the energy quietly on your own. As facilitator I will offer individual guidance while also attending to the needs of the group as a whole, offering topics for discussion that seem appropriate while respecting individual choices. I’ll bring support and encouragement while meeting you where you’re at. I provide the materials, you bring the intention – even if that means the intention to play, be curious and have fun. Please keep in mind that Open Art Groups are non-homogenous, meaning that while there is overlap in the struggles that members experience, not everyone struggles with the same issues. If you are looking specifically for Eating Disorder support, you may be more interested in the Women’s Group Art Therapy:ED on Thursday evenings – for more information, click here. 

Finding community in a well lit room. Although Open Art Groups are largely unstructured, my vision for this is to create a community where each member finds a safe place to gather – where one can share about struggles, issues and concerns while also being able to experiment and explore your own creative endeavors.

Open Art Groups are offered to women who experience anxiety, depression and/or eating disorders – you’re sure to find peers whom you’ll connect with on some level – and know that you’re not alone. ** Please note that the Open Art Groups are largely unstructured groups – I do not offer specific art tasks to the group as a whole, although I do encourage group members to engage in a check-in and wrap-up for each group to share art work and relevant issues.

Upcoming Saturdays for Open Art Groups 2019:

January 5

January 19

Open art groups are held at my studio in Germantown, 19144. This is a drop-in group however, you will need to check for space and confirm your attendance by the day before. Open studios are held on alternate Saturdays (be sure to check website as dates may vary) from 10:00 – 11:30 am. $25 per person, per group. I will need a commitment from at least 3 group members before confirming that group will run each time and group is limited to 10 members.

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