Thursday Evening Group Terms & Conditions

In order to receive the $45 per session fee, group members must be signed up by the Sunday before group for that week. If you do not sign up by the Sunday before group, you are still welcome to attend group for a fee of $50 as long as group is running for that week. Three group members must  be signed up by the Sunday before group in order for group to run that week; if there are less than three group members signed up then group will be canceled for that week. I will send an email each Monday to inform group members about the status of group – whether or not it will be running for that week. If group is set to run for the week and there are last minute cancellations that leave the group with less than three members, I will follow up with an email to group members as soon as possible to notify of the cancellation. All cancellations require a minimum 24 hour notice, or you will still be charged for that group. Emergency cancellations will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Thank you for adhering to these guidelines as I believe this will greatly enhance the group experience.